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Web Design and The New Business School Grad

19 SEP 2013
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The new business school graduate is armed with significantly more practical skills than previous generations. Many business schools have increased its course offerings to include special web design courses. In today’s age of inbound marketing, search engine optimization, Pandas, Penguins, and Google domination, the need for educated web design experts is on the rise. In matter of fact, the entire information technology field is experiencing growth in spite of the dire economic status of the nation.

History of Web Design

When the World Wide Web came onto the scene around the beginning of the 1990’s, there were only a few websites online. Toward the end of the 20th century, the number of websites skyrocketed and the web simply blossomed because of the exponential growth. Today, the Internet is filled with hundreds of millions of websites. Increasing at approximately a million sites a month, the demand for web designers has seemingly outgrown the number of qualified IT professionals.

Exponential Career Growth

In spite of the stagnant growth in most industries, the field of information technology is expected to experience significant growth. The introduction of more advanced technologies coupled with the proliferation of the mobile web and inbound marketing is expected to fuel the growth in the information technology field. In spite of this expected growth, there is a severe shortage of qualified web designers and IT professionals to continue to foster this expected growth. However, the skills and tools that are learned in web design courses prepares most students to enter into the field ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Typical Requirements of a  Web Designer

Although website designers are not required to have any formal education, taking web design courses will only strengthen your resume and appeal as the optimum candidate. Web design courses includes curriculum on the essentials of design principles and how they should be applied to physical forms. In addition, most web designers will be expected to have a significant amount of knowledge in a variety of other areas, which include:

  • Coding
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • RSS feeds

The industry is extremely competitive, and it would be a major bonus if you possessed a couple of years in a post-secondary business school or have completed any of the web design courses.

Web Design and Internet Publishing
One particular IT area that is expected to experience growth is Internet publishing. The growth in internet Publishing is the direct result of businesses creating a definitive inbound marketing campaign. Inbound marketing is the notion of providing lucrative content that is designed to attract potential clients. Internet publishing is the process of composing and uploading websites, posting blogs online, updating web pages, or uploading videos, images, or other types of media. Many of the web design courses cover the best practices for publishing content to the web.

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