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Virtual Legal Assistants a Rising Career Choice

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : paralegal

The world economic climate has changed. This makes better efficiency one of the most important things any company can do to continue to profit and to be competitive. This is especially true in the legal profession. As law firms and other legal entities strive to give the best service they can to clients, while cutting the costs of providing services, they are increasingly turning to the use of virtual legal assistants.

Virtual legal assistants are private contractors. They work under the supervision of, and with the assistance of legal professionals and attorneys. They take care of all the routine things that can be tedious and time-consuming for law firms to do. Here are some of the tasks a virtual legal assistant is often asked to do:

  • Legal research, including finding documents and crucial background information
  • Drafting and typing routine letters and other correspondence
  • Transcription services including pleadings, contracts, motions and stipulations, drafts, agreements and bills
  • Managing all facets of email correspondence
  • Scheduling appointments, confirming them and managing the calendar for the firm

The tasks that are time-consuming and routine are usually better handled by a virtual legal assistant. Law firms and other legal entities are using outsourcing more often today. This helps to decrease the fees clients must pay for services and helps to free an attorney’s time so they can devote more time to their clients.

Education Is The Path To Becoming A Professional Legal Assistant

A good foundational education is crucial when a student is hoping to enter the exciting world of being a virtual legal assistant. Researching various legal assistant schools for the best program helps to ensure a high quality education. Legal assistance has been a solid profession for many years and has simply changed in recent years to reflect a changing worldwide economic atmosphere.

Excellent legal assistant education programs will often include courses in areas like:

  • Civil litigation
  • Procedures used in law offices
  • Education about the court systems

More specific educational courses might include study in areas like these:

  • Family law
  • Corporate law
  • Conveyancing
  • Wills, trusts and estates

A High Quality Education Is The First Step

Getting high quality legal administrative assistant education through reputable legal assistant schools is the best way to pursuing an exciting career as a virtual legal assistant off to a great start. This career field is expected to grow an average of about 12 percent over the next decade, between 2012 and 2022.

Job prospects are best for those students who have received a well-rounded education that encompasses many areas of study, computer experience and some work experience in the legal field. Students will find many more jobs for virtual legal assistants opening up as legal firms try to cut costs and save money for their clients. Using virtual legal assistants also lets attorneys and law firms provide clients with excellent legal advice and representation in a more cost-efficient way.

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