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Virgin Galactic and the Rise of Space-Tourism

28 JAN 2014

This week, the Canadian Tourism College blog explores the world of space-tourism, looking ahead to Virgin Galactic’s first launch, scheduled to blast off sometime this year. Tourism trends reveal that travellers want an increasingly diverse set of options from which to choose. There are numerous niche groups, from high-end luxury to budget hipster – each with its own agenda and interests. However, according to the post, Virgin Galactic and the Rise of Space-Tourism,

there is one aspect of the tourist trade that will always remain in high demand: the new, the novel, the never before experienced.  Holistic holidays, medical excursions, eco-resorts, extreme adventure; travel sites offer consumers an isolated retreat or usher them into strangers homes to share a meal and rent a room.  However, nothing has prepared tourists for what Virgin Galactic has planned for as early as this year – a vacation experience that is literally out of this world! Virgin is putting the final touches on its much-hyped space program and more than 600 travelers have signed up for the ride.

Richard Branson and his two adult children will be the first to fly, departing in a test flight from Spaceport America, a unique structure currently under construction in New Mexico. The Virgin Galactic website is accepting reservations for seats on upcoming flights, charging $250,000 for an experience that will include special space training and exclusive access to Virgin events. The trip itself will last for two hours and reach a height of 50,000 feet. The craft, called SpaceShipTwo features extra-large windows so tourists can enjoy the view.