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Video Games and Major Motion Pictures

28 OCT 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Sometimes the movies or films are created first, and sometimes the games are created first. When the producers of either love the movie or the game itself that much (or it’s an intellectual property that’s used in both contexts and another medium), they make a decision to cross over to the other side of the entertainment world. It’s not only highly creative, but it demands a very intelligent and imaginative mind to accomplish something like this.

What are the names of some movies that you know have been made into games already? Do you remember, and have you invested in any of the following as of yet?


Dead or Alive was a martial arts film that was based on the actual video game. The successful Arkam Asylum game capitalizes on a simultaneous resurgence in the Batman franchise that went with a trilogy of movies.

Halo was set to be made into a big budget film, but the making of it has been stalled many times. After all of the tug of war’s between the potential director, producer, and Microsoft, it is still up in the air. The creative director of Microsoft’s internal division, Frank O’Connor, who directed the making of all of the high production video games from the Halo brand, oversees the making of the movie as well, and still believes that one will be made in the future. Stephen Spielberg did express an interest, but Halo the movie has not been made.

What Type of Education Do You Need?

That depends on your intrinsic personality type along with your particular interests. Games design takes programmers, while movies are camera and film skill oriented, but both need writers, animators and musical composers, as well as actors. If you are interested in games, or movies to the point where you would want to be involved in creating one or the other, you should also have both an interest and ability to use the computer.

Even more importantly – Consider majoring in a technical computer degree and/or a gaming development degree. Or, if you already started a technical degree, take it a step further and pursue something in the entertainment area, such as film production programs. High production video games are in very high demand, and so are great movies. Alternatively if you are looking to score games and movies, audio engineering schools may be a much better choice.

This is a part of the economy that isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. If you already attend college or tech school for these specific majors, you should consider researching the various topics discussed here if video games and high production films peak your curiosity.

Remember, it’s important to have an open mind along with creativity, and the willingness to learn everything you can.

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