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Urban Planning with CAD

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : CAD

Urban planners have a number of tools at their disposal for designing cityscapes and communicating with other planners. One of the most useful tools that city planners can learn to use is CAD software.

How is CAD Used for Urban Planning?

CAD can be used to create models of streets, buildings, or entire city models. The drawings are in 3D, and they allow the designer to customize them and add additional information about the scale and construction of building areas. In addition, CAD software makes it easy to communicate with other city planners.

Designs can easily be shared with other planners, and the visuals allow planners to make sure that they are on the same page. Most city planning committees are beginning to make use of CAD in their meetings and discussions. A good handful also use email functions to send planning ideas to their coworkers and bosses.

Why Use CAD Software?

There are other options for city planners to convey their ideas. Traditional drawings can be a useful visual tool to use in meetings and planning sessions. Some city planners also like to make physical mock ups of their plans, using 3D materials. However, neither of these ideas is as useful and efficient as CAD. The CAD drawings have the cost efficiency and ease of the traditional drawings, but they show as much detail as the physical mock ups. For this reason, many city planners are beginning to prefer CAD over any other design method.

Some designers will even use all three methods in order to communicate their ideas with the least room for error. Each method of work has its pros and cons, and each allows the designer to look at the plans from a different perspective. CAD tools are definitely a skill that every urban planner should have in his or her repertoire, so many are going back to school and seeking CAD training.

Choosing the Right CAD Software

A lot of different industries use CAD software, so it is important for city planners to choose carefully when buying a CAD software. The best CAD programs for city planners will likely be similar to the ones used by architects. City planners can take some form of CAD training in order to learn the functions of CAD software and decide which program suits their needs best.

CAD Training for Urban Planning Use

Architecture training is a great option for city planners who want to learn CAD software. Since the work of architects is intrinsically related to urban and city planning, these planners need to know the ins and outs of building construction and city development. In the training, a lot of work will be done with designing buildings through the use of CAD software, and this training can then be applied directly to the city planner’s work.

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