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The Upside to Outsourcing

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Customer Service

Outsourcing might sound like the kiss of career death for many contractors and creative freelancers, but it has also created opportunities for savvy individuals. As business look to cut cost and the corporate world becomes more globalized, it can be very tempting for companies to look abroad for the cheapest possible replacement for everything, including call centres and web work. However, a lot of times cheaper cost often means cheaper quality. Not only were your web design programs or other training probably done on the latest machines, but many customers resent out of reach customer service when they feel like the worker is not qualified to help with a local problem.


This creates an initial opportunity simply by selling yourself as the regional choice. You have a lot to offer. Additionally, though this is not always the case, internationally outsourced work may not be completed in circumstances in line with the conditions and worker protections preferred by the customers. This allows you to sell yourself to potential employers as the ethical option.


Beyond that, you have opportunities to find work correcting mistakes that may have been made with work that was handled by outsourcing that didn’t quite have the quality the person who ordered it was expecting. This could be anything from a customer asking to be soothed and have their problem solved after previous failed attempts to an ordered design template with font issues. Whether correcting mistakes in writing copy or putting your web design courses to work by fix coding mistakes, there is money to be made in an editorial role.


Additionally, you can also offer your services to the people being out sourced to. For example, if you have considerable experience with client relations you could help a call centre abroad establish better quality customer service programs. You can be a liaison to match your local expertise with their low cost budget, and travel while you do it. Or, you can be a broker. Often people who hire you only have a vague idea of the quality and effort that needs to go into the sort of work you do. Especially if you’ve already been working doing triage or editing, you may build up a list of reliable outsourcing contractors or companies. For a fee or a percent of the bill, you can set yourself up as a matchmaker for work.


Lastly, if all else fails, outsource yourself. For freelancers, living globally can be as practical and low cost. It can be one long paid vacation with an opportunity to enjoy the lower cost of living and all the fun of living and working abroad while remaining your own boss. Sound crazy? Most places that can offer out sourced work can also offer reliable internet. Work could be just a click away.



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