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Upcoming Trends in Knowledge Management

26 DEC 2014
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Since knowledge management was accepted as a legitimate component for success in the ever-challenging world of global business, there have been ongoing implementations to precisely define the concept. As a result, KM students and practitioners are adopting and employing new technological advancements to enhance existing strategies, thereby refining and tailoring the originally nebulous concept.

Pertaining to business, the discipline of managing knowledge broadly concerns identifying and gathering all individual intellect within an organization, then sharing it to heighten the company’s efficiency and competitive edge. Before technology became such an integral part of any enterprise, KM might have been simply defined as pooling one’s resources.

Here’s a peek at some of the new additions.

Employing the Benefits of Social Networks

The ubiquitous use of social networks leaves no doubt that the development is here to stay. Discard the negative stereotypes of zoned-out zombies glued to devices as they relate every happening of their existence to other zombies.

Instead, consider that communication is one of the most essential tools of business. Realize, also, that employees no longer share information solely in a face-to-face method. Many global commercial concerns are intensely analyzing the use of social networks as a means to expand the scope of knowledge work.

Unlocking the Maximum Potential of Collaboration

No individual, team or department can solely disseminate today’s overload of information throughout an organization. A company that doesn’t draw on all of its resources to achieve its desirable ends flirts with failure. This awareness is evident in the KM curricula of those higher learning institutions that include organizational culture in studies for an online business degree.

The new direction in collaboration is veering toward the utilization of external sources. Some companies are directing attention to the complementary components of their businesses. They’re inviting involvement from valuable customers, off-site business partners and other professionals in like areas of industry. Technology such as video conferencing is an essential advantage in stretching the boundaries of collaboration.


This idea is more than just fun and games. The practice of holding coding contests is gaining ground in knowledge management. Competitions for best paper and best personal KM are also being introduced by certain organizations.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Idea management is becoming an integral part of KM. KM Practices such as knowledge validation may also be applicable to IM. Ranking and rating, also employed in KM, can find a comfortable niche in ideation.

The pursuit of an MBA online in knowledge management can be exciting and rewarding as we venture further into this new and dynamic domain. Advanced knowledge strategies are constantly being applied by diverse companies across the world. Current and future KM students will enjoy being at the forefront of innovating these approaches, and discovering new ones.