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Unique Careers in Parts and Warehousing

31 MAR 2014

In the world of automotive careers, the short end of the stick is often thought to be parts and warehousing careers, as people assume that the only work you can get after graduation is shifting around boxes of exhaust pipes in a grimy old garage or something equally clichéd. The reality, however, is that nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do graduates of parts and warehousing programs enjoy exceptionally rewarding and terrifically stable careers, but they’re careers doing things that aren’t even close to the boring monotony that has become the stereotype. For example, automotive service writers are the dynamic and interpersonally skilled people who serve as a liaison between the mechanic and the customer, ensuring proper service. For more information about automotive service writers and other parts and warehousing careers, check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre.

Love automotive parts and have a natural gift for communication? Well lucky for you, automotive service writers enjoy stable and lucrative work, while getting to exercise their creativity and great interpersonal skills. They act as the liaison between the automotive mechanic and the customer, delivering information and offering advice. Service writers ensure that the proposed repair schedule or solution is not only completed on time but also to the customer’s satisfaction.

The ideal candidate for a service writer is someone who has a knack for problem solving and excellent communication skills.”