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Unique Career Paths for Pharmacy Technicians

3 MAR 2014

Training to become a pharmacy technician doesn’t mean that you’re stuck behind a counter for the rest of your life. With a little ingenuity and a drive to succeed, there are lots of unique places that pharmacy technician training can take you. With a bit of continued education and additional certification, you can find yourself in unique and exciting pharmacy careers that don’t just involve counting out pills and filling prescriptions. Thompson Career College has published a great blog post that discusses some of the more unique and left-field career options that you can explore after graduating from your training. There are a great number of interesting career fields, like working with pets and their owners as an animal pharmacist, or being on the cutting edge of developing new and groundbreaking medicines in clinical research.

“Nuclear pharmacists work with minute quantities of radioactive materials that are for use in nuclear imaging producers and in nuclear medicine, such as chemotherapy. While traditional pharmacists work in units of milligrams, nuclear pharmacists work in incredibly tiny units called “millicurie units.”

To become a certified nuclear pharmacist, you have to complete a Nuclear Certification Training program which consists of more than 700 hours of in-class and hands-on instruction, as well as training handling radioactive materials. It is likely that your prospective employer will pay for the training to get you certified.

In addition to a regular pharmacist’s license, nuclear pharmacists will also hold a license in radiopharmacy.”