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Unique Career Options as an Auto Technician

4 APR 2014
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When working as an auto mechanic, there are many things that the worker can do to work in this field without simply working in the traditional auto shop. With the best mechanical training and options, every person who wants to be a technician can do so in many different places in the automotive industry.

Working For A Racing Team

While racing teams have a focus on building the fastest car possible, every one of these teams needs multiple mechanics to help to build engines and maintain the cars. When the racing team needs assistance in the pits, they have licensed mechanics jumping over the wall to fix the car and gas it up. When the car is taken back to the garage in the middle of a race, the licensed technicians on the team are the ones in the garage who are fixing the car.

Working As An Automotive Painter

Even though the mechanic is focused on the repair and maintenance of vehicles, a licensed mechanic can actually learn how to paint cars in a closed environment. Whether the painting is done for aesthetic reasons or to maintain the car’s finish, there are many things that the mechanic can do to help people with their cars even if they are simply touching up the paint job on the car.

Managing A Dealership Service Department

Every car dealership in the world prefers to have their own service department to help their customers with their cars. When the dealership has a service department, there must be someone there to manage the department who is a licensed auto technician. When the worker wants to get into management and make an investment in the dealership over the long term. This is a great way for someone to get into the corporate aspect of car dealerships.

Working As A Fleet Manager

Many municipal governments prefer to have a licensed auto technician managing their fleet of vehicles. Whether it is a large school system or a county fleet, there must be a licensed technician handling the fleet because only people who have training in the field will be able to handle the day in and day out management of the vehicles and their maintenance needs.

In all of these situations, it is easy for someone with quality training as an auto technician to begin a career and perhaps work that career through to retirement. There is nothing wrong with working in or operating an auto shop, but the worker can go outside of the traditional and find a job that will satisfy them. Whether they are working for a race team or managing a large fleet, the people in the industry can get a job they can do happily until they retire.

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