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Understanding Carbon Management

17 SEP 2014
Career Path : Administration

Industrial TeamworkUnderstanding Carbon Management can lead to a promising career in the field of environmental sciences. Not every educational path necessarily leads to skill sets that will translate into future demands, but an Online MBA Degree in Carbon Management is the first step to pursuing a growing career field that allows you to save the world while making a good salary.

A Little Garbage in the Ocean

Throughout most of history, industrial nations haven’t been very serious about handling their waste. During the days of Charles Dickens, the British simply tossed their garbage out their windows and onto the passersby or streets below. Up until about a century ago, many industries simply discarded their waste products into the local swamp, stream or ocean. Many old factories have an old sewer pipeline underneath with little knowledge of where it actually leads.

Love Your Mother Nature

If you look under the Pacific Ocean, you will find barrels of toxic waste. The industrial revolution began with companies simply tossing their garbage in the ocean and other policies that are clearly unsustainable. The rapid growth of the internet has made it impossible to conceal the countless extinct species, shrinking coral reefs and numerous other instances of environmental destruction. Mother Nature can only take so much. Eventually toxic water enters our atmosphere through toxic vapors. Carbon Management must be taken seriously – and it appears that world leaders are beginning to take notice. An Online MBA Degree in Carbon Management is a viable platform for environmental advocacy, exploring the issues from various perspectives to arrive at practical solutions that consider the complex challenges ahead.

Peak of Fossil Fuels Has Passed

Besides humanitarian reasons, the economic reality is that Carbon Management is inevitable. The peak for coal, gasoline and other fossil fuels has already passed and the world needs to find sustainable energy sources that will not damage the environment. Understanding Carbon Management can lead to a rewarding career showing the world how to operate in synchronization with its fragile environment.

There have been great strides in educating the public about the “carbon footprint” but the work is far from done. Removing lead in gasoline and chlorofluorocarbons from spray cans has helped, but there are still very serious concerns over excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment.

Managing Carbon Inputs and Out

An Online Master Business Administration degree positions you for the bright future of finding and developing sustainable energy sources. Carbon Management of inputs and outputs entails at least these three (3) options:

  • Standard of Living
  • Decrease Intensity
  • Increase Efficiency

Decreasing the intensity of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere shows more potential in the short-term than changing human behavior. Reducing emissions from fossil fuel combustion is one of the core targets for Carbon Management. The concept of sequestration allows businesses to control the CO2 in the environment.

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is the eventual goal. There is a natural uptake by oceans and the terrestrial biosphere but how can this be facilitated, assisted and improved upon? Non-fossil energy solutions are the way of the future. An Online Master Business Administration degree can help you start a career aimed at creating a better world.