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How to Make the Most out of Your Trip to Oakville

14 AUG 2012
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Like most small towns, Oakville is more unassuming than it is luring. Needless to say, it takes an experienced traveller to see past the glitz and glimmer of larger cities to notice the calm appeal of a town like Oakville.


But what exactly does one do when venturing into Oakville’s tranquil trails? More importantly, is there anything beyond the tranquil, or, in other words, is there anything for party-goers to look forward to when they are in Oakville? Short answer: Yes! Let’s have a look.


Street-side Mayhem


Actually, it’s called Midnight Madness, but the event does somewhat unfold into street-side mayhem. Every year Oakville closes off its downtown streets to hold this nightlong outdoor event, which aims to put the spotlight on local merchants and artists. People(approximately 50,000 to be more precise) from Oakville and surrounding areas make their way downtown and thread through the booths and kiosks and food trucks (that’s right, food trucks!) to get a taste and feel for what Oakville really has to offer. The only problem is that Midnight Madness is held in July, which means you missed the 2012 edition. All the more reason to make your way to Oakville next summer. Just make sure to mark your calendars!



Brass Town


The talented and much loved jazz performer Carmen McRae once said “Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread–without it, it’s flat.” If replace the word ‘Blues’ with the word ‘Cities,’ I think we can credit McRae with one of the most apt descriptions of the social influence jazz has. To this end, Oakville holds its annual Jazz Festival every August. For a stretch of 3 days and nights, the town enjoys performances by notable jazz artists from around the world. For all of you who don’t like jazz, it’s time to start.





Beer lovers will be intrigued to know that Oakville is home to one of Ontario’s notable breweries. Cameron’s Brewing Company has been perfecting its recipes and techniques for almost two decades. With over forty industry awards to shine and polish, Cameron’s is definitely up there with the rest of the greats. Best part is that you can take a tour (taste testing included!) and find out about the history of Cameron’s and about the beer-making process.  What can be better than a cold pint and an abridged history lesson? Yeah, exactly. Also, many couples have gone to Cameron’s for their pre- wedding hall photo shoot. Better yet are those soon-to-be-newlyweds who not only take photos at Cameron’s, but also do the full tour, complete with the wedding dress and tux. Now THAT is romance. Beer lovers unite!



Event Central


Regardless of when you make your way into Oakville, you will likely come across a handful of celebratory bashes. In fact, Oakville is an ideal place to hold both personal and corporate functions. With a slew of banquet halls and both indoor and outdoor event locales, the folks in Oakville are known to throw quite the party. From weddings to business conferences, Oakville makes it easy for anyone to make pretty much any event unforgettable.


Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or are hoping to catch up on your partying, a trip to Oakville will definitely help you get your travel bug fix.



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