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Trends in Resort Management

3 DEC 2014
Career Path : Administration

??????????????????????????????????????????????????Managing a resort requires not just business skills, but social skills and the ability to spot trends. The latest resort management trends, including social space, going green, facilitating self-service, and maintaining a consistent brand, allow guests to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay that exceeds their expectations.

Gone are the days of stuffy hotel lobbies and waiting in lines for check-in. Modern resorts are adapting to the times by making guests feel more at-home and streamlining processes. Here are this year’s big resort management trends.

Deluxe Common Spaces

There was a time when resort lobbies were sparse and impersonal, just a place to pass through on the way to one’s room. However, more and more resorts are offering lounges and other areas where guests can relax with each other. Having a lounge or other luxurious common spaces helps guests to feel like they have plenty of space to spread out. Many resorts are adding wi-fi access, coffee bars, complimentary snacks, and other perks to make the lounge social scene more inviting. 

Green Details

From organic sheets to solar panels, resorts all over the globe are going green by adopting new ways of lowering their carbon footprint. Many consumers are already aware of the green movement and are buying organic products for their own homes, so this will make guests feel more comfortable at a resort. As green technologies become more common in the hospitality industry, they also are becoming more common in the curricula of MBA online programs training future resort management.


From virtual check-in to online scheduling, modern guests are used to handling the routine details of life online or from their smartphones. In addition to requiring less staff time, self-service requires less time from the guests themselves. Good resort managers allow guests to handle as much as possible online or from their cell phones, while also offering traditional service for those who desire it.

Integrating technology into resort management can be complicated, and thus is a major topic for online business degree programs. Rather than disliking the do-it-yourself nature of self-service in hospitality, many customers actually prefer it. It is increasingly important to offer this option in every possible process, from check-in to reservations to laundry services.


Consistency is key to building a strong hospitality brand. Guests should always know exactly what to expect during their stay. For this reason, many resorts are focusing not just on improving guest experiences, but on standardizing them. This aspect of branding and resort management is a major focus of training programs.

Students training to manage resorts or otherwise work in the hospitality industry must learn to understand and adapt to the latest trends in management and client services. Getting an MBA online with a hospitality focus is the perfect way to prepare for a career in this exciting and ever-changing field.