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Trends in Pharma Marketing: Re-Packaging Old Drugs

3 DEC 2013

The AAPS blog reveals that small pharmaceutical companies are outpacing industry giants by revitalizing consumer interest in established drugs. Using a clever new technique in marketing, start-ups are developing innovative drug delivery systems that allow patients to take the drugs they’ve always trusted in easier, more appealing ways. The blog post, Trends in Pharma Marketing explains:

“The American company Alezxa has invented a new aerosol delivery system that can be used to administer a range of approved drugs, some of which have been on the market for over 35 years.The new system, called Staccato, has garnered enough interest to generate a $235 million development contract with TevaPharmaceuticals.Teva will oversee any further testing and pharmaceutical quality control measures as it prepares to release Staccato for sale across the US next year. The areosol system represents a brand new platform for administering and combining drugs – one that makes taking medicine as easy as breathing.”

Although the aerosol system does indeed offer a nice alternative to injections or swallowing pills, it relies on a patient’s ability to inhale deeply. If a patient has suffered severe trauma, cannot follow instructions, or has lost consciousness, they may not be able to inhale the drugs effectively. Small pharma is following trends in marketing seen across diverse sectors – it is aiming products at specific niche demographics, rather than toward mass markets.