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Trends in Mobile Accounting

7 APR 2014

In the coming years, accountant firms in North America and beyond will need to focus even more on being able to provide both staff and clients with ways to access information wherever and whenever they need it. Flexibility is king, as it can give business a direct market advantage over their closest competitors. Instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we’re starting to see smaller, niche apps that do one thing and do it well. They may concentrate on one particular aspect of the job, like asset control or timekeeping, or focus on specific industries or client types.The typical accountant’s phone or tablet may be outfitted with a dozen or more specialized apps. Individually, they may not do much, but when added together, they can be extremely powerful. If you’d like to know more about Trends in Mobile Accounting, check out this great blog by the National Academy of Health and Business.

“Digital data is now being created at unimaginable rates. The challenge lies in how to identify, access, filter, analyse and use all this information. Real-time analytics enables organizations to take clusters of information and gather them together to identify trends and opportunities. Organizations can generate immediate improvements in business performance and gain a competitive edge on rivals by making operational decisions based on real-time data from the cloud.All in all, it’s an exciting time for mobile accounting. Businesses are greatly benefiting from the freedom of being able to choose the set of applications that best meet their needs.”