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Trends in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management

12 AUG 2014
Career Path : Administration

business Management in Hospitality, sports and tourism industry

Sports, hospitality and tourism management are fields that are growing and evolving right now. By obtaining an MBA degree that specializes in such a field, you can position yourself to benefit from these changes. There are many career opportunities in fields such as hospitality, sports and tourism. As technology and other developments change these industries, people seeking new jobs and careers can prepare by furthering their education. One way to do this is by obtaining an online degree such as an MBA. There are many online MBA programs that can be tailored to specific areas such as hospitality or sports.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Industries

If you enjoy working with people and are also fond of travel and leisure activities, the hospitality and tourism industries could be the ideal career path for you. This includes businesses and companies such as:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Travel Agencies
  • Theme Parks
  • Bars and Nightclubs

These are just some of the companies involved in helping people plan vacations, travel and leisure activities. Many of these businesses hire expert managers, marketers, PR people and other experts to help them manage their companies.

Hospitality and tourism are industries that are constantly evolving. For example, in recent years we are seeing more tourists from Asian countries visiting North America. There is also an increased emphasis on online marketing and booking reservations via the internet. This means that marketing and PR specialists must be extremely web savvy to succeed in this type of business. Still another significant trend is the popularity of green or environmentally sustainable travel. This is another area where one can specialize.

Sports Management

Sports management is a field that is very promising for MBA graduates with a love of sports. The public’s fascination with sports is seemingly limitless. People spend many millions of dollars on sporting events and merchandise each year. Currently, we are seeing certain shifts in the popularity of certain sports. For example, auto racing, soccer and mixed martial arts are currently enjoying rapid growth, while baseball is declining slightly. Overall, however, money spent on sports is constantly increasing.

Careers in sports management or sports promotion offer you the possibility of a job doing something that really excites you. Because this field is quite competitive, obtaining an MBA gives you an edge when applying for jobs over less qualified applicants.

The Benefits of an Online MBA

While you can obtain a degree the traditional way, Master Business Administration programs online provide some distinct advantages. You can create a flexible schedule and have access to the latest technology as you download lectures. A study online MBA is also considerably cheaper than taking classes in a brick and mortar college.

If you are interested in a field such as Hospitality, Sports Management or Tourism Management, an MBA can help you prepare for a successful career. You can tailor your MBA to your specific goals. You will naturally want to choose an online MBA program that offers the type of degree you are seeking.