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11 APR 2014
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Films have been popular as long as they’ve been around, a great form of escape from the real world. Even in the face of the recession, the film industry remained popular and audiences still went to see movies, just as they did during the Great Depression. While the Great Depression helped bring in concessions to movie theaters, the recession has helped change the film industry as well by making short films a new filmmaking trend appreciated by both filmmakers and audiences like never before.


One of the biggest reasons short films are gaining in popularity is due to budget. From feeding crew to renting expensive cameras, making movies isn’t cheap. Even the smallest budget productions need several thousand dollars in order to make a quality film. After the recession, studios have tended to focus on their tent pole series while pushing small budget films aside, making short films harder to finance.

While quality short films still take a decent budget to produce, they generally require fewer shoot days than feature-length productions, meaning fewer meals, fewer days of pay, and fewer days of renting equipment, allowing filmmakers to stretch their budgets into other areas.

With the rising popularity of crowdfunding, short films are becoming a go-to for those who rely on these sources for money. Raising the funds for a short film is a much more reasonable goal than raising funds for a full-length feature, especially for new filmmakers who don’t have a previously built fan base. Budgeting is arguably one of the most difficult parts of the filmmaking process, and short films allow small budgets to go farther, aiding in their rising popularity over the last few years.


Short films are a good way for new filmmakers or experienced filmmakers looking to branch out to gain more experience. Film jobs can be hard to come by, especially at the beginning of one’s career, and making a short film is a good way to get experience. Film students from around the world, from prestigious New York film schools to growing Canadian film schools, learn about filmmaking by making short films, so moving on to professional short films makes the transition from school to career easier.

Audience Attention

In a world where a seven-minute web video is considered long, it’s no wonder people have a hard time sitting through a 2.5 hour film. A short film is no longer than an episode of a TV drama, and can be as short as that seven minute web video – or even shorter. As access to short films grows, audiences are more likely to sit down and watch a short video during the day, or to go home and watch a short film somewhere between last-week’s old DVR episodes and this week’s new ones. They don’t have to dedicate the same amount of time a feature requires, making them more willing to try something new.

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