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An Inside Look at Trebas Institute’s Film/TV Production Program

20 JAN 2014

No two film production programs are the same. There are a ton of minute details about how a program is run and what courses are offered. That means that you could have completely different experience than someone taking a similar program at another school. So what makes a film and television production program worth taking? In this great blog post, KalmanSzegvary, the director of the film and television production program at Trebas Institute in Toronto, discusses what makes their program so unique.

Trebas has all of the usual courses you’ll find in a quality film and television program, however, what makes our program unique is the way in which the courses are taught. Our courses follow a “modular” system, a system that happens to be making us the envy of other film production programs. The module system means that subjects are grouped into concentrated, logical parcels that include Producing, Directing and Cinematography, Editing and Production Management, Screenwriting and Audio and a final project – the production of student films. In fact, in this module, new passionate film students just entering the program are allowed the option to work immediately with senior students who are about to shoot their graduate films.”

A team of intelligent and passionate instructors who are familiar with the industry, coupled with unique programs and hands-on training mean that Trebas offers one of the most comprehensive programs out there. A keen attention to detail and a willingness to provide students with ample opportunities to carve out their own niche means that Trebas graduates are prepared for the big wide world of film that awaits them when they leave.