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Travel Technology: Mobility and the Modern Concierge

10 DEC 2013

Online technology is making traveling easier than ever. Tourists can consult interactive maps, book hotels, find interesting attractions and review top restaurants – all before leaving home. This week, the CTC blog looks at Mobile Concierge, a new app that:

“allows hotel or resort management to connect with and travel alongside their guests wherever they go. Mobile Concierge provides guests with:

  • advice on local entertainment
  • useful information on regional attractions
  • tourist events and activities
  • restaurants and nightclubs
  • “top things to do” lists

Users can even obtain these lists and services without an internet connection. The information is available in off-line mode in order to avoid hefty data roaming charges”

Apps like Mobile Concierge put planning firmly in the hands of tourists, allowing them to carry advice and recommendations around in their pocket as they move from place to place. Rather than relying exclusively on the suggestions of one or two hotel representatives, app users have multiple sources of data with which to make informed travel decisions.  The blogpost, Travel Technology examines how online resources are changing the game for the traditional hotel concierge.