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Travel and Study Abroad : Discovering Rome and Its Region

12 DEC 2013

Through an insightful view of studying abroad, this week’s John Cabot University blog gives students a look at reasons why they should spend part of their academic career in Italy, as well as the benefits that they will gain from studying overseas.

Travel to Must-see Sights. If you’ve never travelled around Europe before, there are a range of countries at your doorstep. And with the availability of low-cost airlines combined with the convenience of taking the train, discovering the rest of Europe will never be easier. A short trip to France or even Greece means that you’ll also get to experience other cultures outside of Italy.

According to the blog post, one of the benefits that students will gain is being able to travel and explore a range of other countries and cultures. As well, through the availability of low-cost airlines, means that travel within Europe is more accessible than ever for students who are interested in discovering more of Europe than just the country that they will be living in.

Lastly, taking the time to explore a variety of cultures will open students mind to working and living in culturally diverse environments where they are more flexible to the viewpoints of others. This practical knowledge of other cultures and language will allow them to finish their studies actually prepared for the world by being able to conquer any challenges that they may potentially face.