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Transport Training: Canada’s Schools Prep Grads for These 6 Careers

30 JAN 2012
Career Path : Automotive

You were the first kid on your block to learn how to bike without training wheels. You still have your collection of miniature cars somewhere in the back of your closet at your mom’s house. You can do an impression of the beep-beep sound a truck makes as it is backing up. In short, you love wheels. Always have. Always will. And it’s your hope to turn this life-long fascination into a lasting career. Auto training schools are there to help. Here is a list of careers to consider.

  1. Driver Manager

You may love vehicles, but not the road. Fortunately, there are many jobs in transportation that don’t require travel, including driver manager.

  • assign jobs to truck drivers
  • review all pick ups and deliveries
  • perform job reviews on all drivers
  • make sure that drivers fill out time sheets
  • plan loads
  • plan training
  • follow inspection schedule
  • use specialized logistics software
  1. Operations Manager

Operations managers make sure that businesses such as garages or trucking companies run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you are organized, analytical and have good communication skills, this may be the job for you. Look for programs at local auto training schools.

  1. Mechanic

If you are good with your hands and have a strong grasp of technology, you may want to become a mechanic. Most auto training schools feature programs that offer:

  • instructors with experience in the field
  • practice with real cars

If you become a mechanic, you will learn about:

  • suspensions
  • exhausts
  • ignition systems
  • air conditioning and heating
  • general maintenance
  • and, of course, your favourite, wheels!

To become a mechanic, look for transport training. Canada has many auto training schools. After all, it is dependent on the trucking industry for the delivery of such essential items as food.

  1. Log Book Auditor

Log book audits check to see whether drivers are maintaining their log books. Log book auditors make sure that trucking companies are respecting their legal obligations. It is common practice for trucking companies to engage in voluntary audits to ensure their performance and uphold their reputation. To learn about log book auditing, register in auto training school.

  1. Highway Dispatcher
  • take orders from customers
  • send trucks out for pickups and deliveries
  • plan work schedules, routes and loads
  • coordinate movements of the fleet
  1. Loss Prevention Administrator

Safety and loss managers are responsible for all the safety-related aspects of running a trucking company. They:

  • provide drivers with safety training
  • design and implement safety policies
  • handle compensation for work-related injuries
  • make sure that companies comply with all applicable laws

These are just some of the exciting careers that you can pursue with transport training. Canada has many auto training schools to choose from.