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What is Transport Training in Canada?

15 APR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Transport Training in Canada can mean both the dispatcher courses to get you ready to run the switchboard for a transportation company, or a more hands on set of driving preparation classes for trucks. It might also refer to someone with a background in warehouse management. By and large, in North America, transport refers to trucks. Rail, air and water are generally less common means of moving goods and passengers than road.


The origins of this have to do with both historical infrastructure investment and the general spread out nature of the population. This is also part of the role of dispatcher work. It can be a challenge to incorporate far flung towns and cities into a network. Canada, in particular, is the second largest country by landmass, and even with a population that hews fairly close to the warm parts, even a lengthwise drive across the country is a matter of a few days. Dispatcher courses prepare their graduates to communicate by radio, which up until the recent advent of the mobile telephone, was one of the best ways to communicate on the go.


Any sane country recognizes that trucks are dangerous and does not allow just any person to maneuver them around. Drivers get special licences that focus not just on the skills needed to safely drive heavy trucks without getting them stuck under low hanging bridges, and park something very unwieldy in a precise fashion. Transport training in Canada also gives a broad understanding of how to safely transport different sorts of cargo, from the flammable and corrosive, to the sensitive and fragile. Whether this is a load of chickens or a tanker of freon, proper certification averts disasters.


Of course transport trucks tend to have diesel engines, and in turn require special skills to maintain them. As part of technician training, one might take an auto mechanic course or two specializing in big engine vehicles. A standard sized garage usually can’t fit them, so they may go to a specialized place with large enough maintenance bays.


Transport training in Canada also concerns itself with the flow of goods from warehouses. Today, everything is tagged and sorted, with containers and individual boxes coming with barcodes. With someone with the correct training it’s possible to track individual packages all around the world. The postal service even utilizes the same skills to allow for accurate package tracking. All it takes is a scanner and an internet connection.


Tracking things is also part of what you learn in dispatcher courses. With many vehicles on the road and cargoes coming and going, they keep everyone on schedule from a centralized office. They may even have general cargo oversight that allows them to easily find out what is in the trucks they are overseeing.

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