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The Transport Industry in Canada is Booming: Two Exciting Career Paths

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : Technician

Record Passenger Car Sales Provide Career Opportunities 

The Automotive industry is booming, Canadian passenger vehicle sales increased by 4% in 2013. Sales numbers reached record highs with over 1.7 million cars sold. Car sales are anticipated to rise even further in 2014. The growing industry is generating many careers that support the automotive industry including salespeople, technicians, and auto body workers.

Practical academic and hands on training provides you with the best chances for success in auto sales. Many salespeople are untrained and receive on the job training from managers with no academic knowledge or background in pedagogy. Finding an appropriate school with trained experts who know how to help you learn is the first step toward a rewarding career in sales. With the proper education you can hit the sales floor with confidence and guaranteed success.

The demand for people to maintain cars also increases as the auto market rebounds. Becoming an automotive technician or auto body specialist are solid paths to guaranteed income. If you are looking to get into the industry but don’t want to work on commission, this is the track for you. While some dealerships hire salesmen with no experience, it is unlikely that you will land a job without appropriate technical training and certification as a mechanic or specialist.

Another popular support job for dealerships and repair shops is the role of fixed operations specialist. These individuals are trained to provide high quality customer service and business management. These positions are excellent for people with exceptional communication skills. Specialized education and transport training Canada can help you get on the fast track in this lucrative career.

Growing Demand Increases Trucking, More Dispatch and Transportation Support Jobs Available

The demand for goods is increasing as well. More and more trucks are hitting the road and the demand for drivers and support personal is higher than ever. In this job market you need to have the best transport training in Canada to land these sought after support jobs. Below are a few examples of support jobs in the transportation industry that are growing in popularity.

You might consider work as a Transportation Operations Specialist, or someone who handles the logistics of transportation operations. You will need to study management and business administration. It is important to find a school that offers practical training in addition to academic study.

Most people overlook the role of Dispatcher when considering jobs related to the transport industry in Canada. Dispatchers are specially trained communications experts who relay important messages to truck drivers and monitor traffic conditions and patters. Working as a dispatcher is a rewarding career. You get to see the products you direct move across the country from the raw materials stage to market.

Like any of these support jobs, your best chance at starting a new career in the growing automotive and transport industry is to get some of the more specialized transport training Canada has to offer at a school that can give you practical experience and the knowledge you need to succeed.

Visit Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute for more information on options in transport training Canada has to offer.