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Transport Careers: From Dispatcher Courses to Transport Training in Canada

14 MAR 2013
Career Path : Mechanic

If you want to start a transport career in Canada, it can be a very lucrative and rewarding career path. You could decide to take transport training and become a driver. Alternatively with an extra diesel specialized auto mechanic course or two, regular mechanic training could prepare you to look after big rig engines. And of course if you want a job with more oversight, there are always dispatcher courses. Lastly, you could always study warehousing inventory and manage the destination points for deliveries and the logistics.


Trucks form the major link between Canadian communities. From sleepy small town to bustling big city, ribbons of asphalt are the commercial link that holds the country together. Perhaps in the past that was rail, and before that, canals and rivers, but in North America, road freight is simply the most logical and cheapest way to move goods from point A to point B in most cases.


Transport training in Canada, at least to get into the driver’s seat of a truck, is like a much more detailed driver’s licence. It generally helps to be able to drive a car first, before you apply, and from there you must pass a written safety examination and a driving test that proves you can handle heavier vehicles than a standard automobile. There are additional insurance fees, and many people take specialized courses to lower their insurance and improve their chances of passing exams.


In a warehouse, you need to have a well-organized perspective for management and a strong back for heavy lifting if you’re working the floor. A forklift operator’s certification is also useful. It is quite possible to rise from the floor to management, but these days things like “Supply Chain Management” is a standard business course you can take in university. One path would be to do summer warehouse work and work on a degree with your experience to help you.


Most trucks, especially the large ones, have diesel engines. Thankfully you can find training for their service anywhere you can find an auto mechanic course. With the sheer number of trucks on the road, it can be a very good way to make a living, either in a road side service centre or general large bay garage. On the other hand, auto mechanic training is a big commitment in time.


Dispatcher courses, on the other hand, train you to man the switchboard. For every fleet of trucks there are people needed to keep them connected. You would learn radio etiquette and protocol, the functioning of a switchboard and plenty of skills related to long distance navigation. You would also become an expert in driver regulations, as one of your jobs will be to keep your drivers sharp and fatigued, as well as on route.



Visit Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on transport training in Canada.