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31 JAN 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

An IT technician is one of the catch all terms for the general computer guy or girl one can usually find in business settings. Otherwise known as an Information Service Technology Technician, IT technicians master a broad skill set to do everything form software programming to server maintenance and hardware installation. They can do everything from provide basic technical support, such as password recovery for the Chief Executive Officer, to troubleshooting problems with manufacturing software while it’s still in motion, and maintain a flexibility not found in other computer specialities. At the core of this is their IT training.


A computer college is a common place where IT technicians get the skills they need. They not only need the understand computer hardware and software, but also the certification to back it up. There is an extensive range of vendor neutral or brand specific certification testing that demonstrates the fitness of an IT technician to work with a particular thing. These are so important that the IT technician will include ongoing continuing education as an unavoidable part of their career. Even while working it will be quite normal for the IT technician to keep learning on their own time and at company expense. Their IT training must also include exposure to old software. The reality is that many companies do not have the budget to have the latest versions and also that older versions might do a job better, so IT training also often focuses on backwards compatibility.


They are not software engineers, but IT technicians must also be able to program. A plethora of languages can be learned, but they need familiarity only with the most common to the industry they prefer to work in. They will also need to know how to set up and maintain computer networks. It’s a rare office that does not at least have a virtual network and virtually all workplaces have an internet connection as a matter of course. And because every set up is unique, it’s rare an office network is anything other than custom.


To an outsider, the resulting kelp forest of cables can be dizzying, but computer college also prepares them to create workable systems in budget and also back track other people’s work to figure out what the last person in the role is doing. This detective skill set also comes into play when providing tech support, to try to duplicate bugs.


A last responsibility that they may have is the general day-to-day maintenance of the company’s web sites. They will probably have taken a few web design courses, though the overall design may be the product of another specialized designer. However, day to day updates will often be their job.



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