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IT Training for a Flex-Career

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

One of the reasons to invest in IT training, as well as your talents and aptitudes, is the flexible nature of the work. From lifelong learning that allows you to discover new tech, from a mobile office, it’s a great career for people who want to think and work differently while maintaining steady employment. And, as every company needs some IT work these days, it’s a good source for consistent and constant employment.


The first step, is of course, choosing where and what to study. With a vast number of programming languages and specializations, IT can mean anything from a hardware focused computer technician, doing installations and tech support trouble shooting for companies across the country, to a graphically minded graduate from web designer courses sipping coffee in a café, or even at the kitchen table in their pyjamas while they create the next big internet thing.


You can go to a university, all the way up to a Phd level, if you want an eight year plan, or be entirely self-taught. These days your first introduction to programming was probably a high school class or two. For a quick intro into the field, however, many people find a community college or private computer college helps them find their feet. They’re very career focused, and will cut out the frills to get you a firm grounding in various computer skills. A computer college is also a structured environment to earn certification, which will be one of the essentials to your career.


Certification is in both proprietary and general software and hardware, as well as web programs for everything from analytics to usability for the differently abled. Whether you take the certification exam alone, or through a computer college, it lets employers know you have the skills you need. Nonetheless, when you get hired, you may be asked to provide a demonstration of your skills with in-house testing.


Pass that hoop, however, and you’ll have a job. There’s usually a good salary and benefits, and you usually get a chance to try the other advantage of your job, a flexible work space or work hours.


Sometimes this is about becoming a freelancer, which is normal for many web design courses grads. Other times you’ll be on your feet running around laying down cable. But for many people with IT training, options like a secure VPN login to company computer networks and remote control computer access systems let you do your job from anywhere with internet. This is particularly exciting to introverts who’d rather work in peace or people who want to have a flexible life to fit in with childcare commitment or even eldercare commitments. Of course on the flip side, flex time and flex location can also mean longer working hours, but for many the trade-off is worth it.



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