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IT Training For Bookkeeping

20 NOV 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

There are very few jobs out there that don’t require some sort of computer work. Technology is quickly integrating with even the most old-fashioned of professions. You might be surprised to find that your accounting training will require a little bit of IT training as well! Manual accounting, like pen and paper bookkeeping, has gone the way of the dinosaur.

New Equipment Means New Methods

The advent of the computer completely changed the way we do accounting. Computers, scanners, and printers made bookkeeping easier and more reliable. When using green sheets, a pencil, and a calculator, the chance of human error increases drastically. That’s not to say modern accounting is error-free: the wrong value in a spreadsheet can affect the whole book.

Spreadsheets programs were the first piece of software that helped accountants become more efficient, but these days they’re not the only option. Various accounting-specific programs have popped up, making it even easier for accountants to handle their day-to-day activities.

The Internet

It wasn’t just software that changed the face of accounting. As the internet grew in popularity, many accountants found that it opened new opportunities. Now, taxes can be filed online, documents can be shared without extensive red tape, and research is easier to do. Cloud technology has allowed businesses to put their accounting software online, so accountants can work from anywhere and store their documents in an easy to access location.

Changing the Face of Security

Accountants deal with highly important documents that need to be protected. While paper documents can be stored under lock and key, encryption and passwords now safeguard most sensitive files. There’s always a chance that even with the best encryption and passwords a dedicated hacker can gain access, but with proper IT training, an accountant can learn how to better secure their information. A lost laptop is far less dangerous than a lost binder.

Automating Information Gathering

Previously, accountants had to deal with every transaction, making what are now simple tasks elaborate. Because of the way information is now handled, it’s possible for accountants to import data into their software, which drastically reduces the amount of time necessary to go through accounts. It takes some software training to set this up, though. Often, it requires tweaking the way businesses report transactions as well as creating spreadsheet macros that can process the data. Another side effect is a greater focus on analytics in modern accounting training.

Today, it’s clear to most educators that accounting training needs to include some IT training. Technology is integrating with most fields, but the effect it had on accounting is astounding. Without the computer skills to handle spreadsheets and accounting software, most anyone who wants to go into the field will find it difficult to secure a job.

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