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Train and Work Across the Country: Canada’s Red Seal Program

13 AUG 2012
Career Path : Apprenticeships

From the Rocky Mountains of the west, to the great expanses of the Prairies, to the sophisticated city centres of Toronto and Montreal, to the gorgeous Atlantic coast of the Maritimes, Canada offers some stunning variety in terms of its culture and scenic landscape. While travelling across Canada is certainly far more difficult than backpacking across Europe, due to the vast distances between regions, there are better and more productive ways to experience Canada. If you are getting an education in a specialized trade, consider doing an apprenticeship that lets you train and work across Canada’s provinces.


Canada has an apprenticeship program called Red Seal: it is a regulated inter-provincial standards program that lets people find suitable and recognizable work across the country to complete their apprenticeships.


How Does It Work?


Red Seal is a program that reviews and selects workplaces in a variety of industries that are up to a certain standard for offering apprenticeship training. When an apprentice candidate with the Red Seal program seeks a place of employment, he or she will have an endorsed list of workplaces to choose from. The graduate will then also have earned a certificate stating that their training was done within the program.


What Are The Advantages Of Red Seal?


Being an apprentice could be tricky because one is basically offering their services to a company without financial remuneration, but rather for experience. The risk is that some companies could exploit this source of cheap labor without properly giving the apprentice the required training. Red Seal guarantees the companies considered are suitable and honorable regarding how they will treat the apprentice.


Another advantage, as mentioned above, is the chance to live and work across Canada while doing an apprentice. It is also provides the graduate of an apprentice program with the qualifications to work and settle in any province.


What Kinds Of Industry Does Red Seal Manage?


The areas of work for apprenticeship programs under the Red Seal program are extremely numerous and varied. Some of the most diverse examples of trades are: baker, hairstylist, heavy equipment operator, motorcycle mechanic, roofer, landscape architect, and cabinet maker. This is a very short list but one can already see the ranges of industry, from construction, to the food industry, to the design industry. There are over 50 trades registered with the Red Seal program.




Canada is so much more than a beautiful place to visit. It is a leader in technology, industry and trade. This is because of the care and high-standards Canada has regarding training their specialists of tomorrow. Because of programs like Red Seal, apprenticeship training is not only a guaranteed excellent education, but also fun, interesting, and gratifying, as the future professional learns in, about, and for this great country.


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