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17 JUN 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

As the world economy rebounds from the recent economic downtown, the tourist industry has followed suit. Today, tourism makes up 12 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and employs 10 percent of the world’s labour force; experts anticipate the industry will continue to steadily grow. Managing a tourist resort has never been so popular, globally accessible, and financially rewarding.

Make it a destination recreation
The most popular tourism sites worldwide are what are known as destination resorts. Destination resorts are located across a variety of geographic settings, situated throughout the world in popular vacation spots attracting millions of guests. The number of destination resorts is growing worldwide and will necessitate the hiring of knowledgeable staff.

Social personalities are key
Resort management careers are all about human interactions, from the employees being supervised to the guests looking to be entertained. Resort managers will meet many diverse and interesting people from a cornucopia of cultures and nationalities, but to be successful, resort managers must have a social personality and the knowledge and skills to complement it.

Jack of all trades
The successful resort manager has a complete knowledge of all the resort’s daily operations, including each personnel’s duties and functions. This may be best done by working in every position available at a resort. From standing behind the desk to operating the shuttle bus, a working familiarity of all a resort’s functions cannot be understated.

Training guarantees success
While real world experience is necessary, nothing can more quickly or efficiently teach resort management than the enrollment in trade-specific resort management and tourism management schools. Formal training prepares individuals to assume the highest quality of professional execution. The tourism industry has seen a huge rise of multi-million dollar resort operations, and when it comes to hiring, those owners are looking at resort-specific education programs for competent graduates. Trade courses develop necessary recreation management skills like convention planning, communications, and labour and vendor relations.

Handling stress
While resort managers live in some of the most beautiful and desirable spots on earth, the job comes with its mandates. The best resort mangers accept a lot of pressure and are able to balance this pressure and its related stress with grace. From managing a staff of over a hundred employees to maintaining the highest quality of guest satisfaction, resort managers must be able to handle constant operational snags while keeping an upbeat personality.

Be prepared with a Bachelor Degree
A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management obtained from a resort management or tourism management school or program will go far in obtaining for the graduate the perfect job. With the blossoming of the hospitality management industry, employers are eager for educated professionals.

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