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Toronto Is Huge and Busy

3 MAY 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Toronto is a wonderful city that has experienced very rapid growth over the last few decades. Following a general exodus of much of Canada’s financial companies and national headquarters from Montreal, Toronto has found itself becoming the largest city, at least including the general Greater Toronto Area, and a fiscal powerhouse. The city is also a nexus for numerous colleges and universities. There are a wide range of options for everything from business courses in Toronto to healthcare courses in Toronto.


Some of this is filling local needs. With a population of approximately six million, the city is home to many, many businesses, big and small, as well as needing a strong medical infrastructure to serve the general population. This means not just nurses and doctors, but all manner of healthcare training.  These people work and study in Toronto’s numerous hospitals, residential facilities and clinics. Some healthcare workers prefer a job that lets them visit clients in their homes. This ranges from personal support worker training to community support workers doing and outreach. The wealth of the city also means a strong enough demand for private services that employ people outside the provincial insurance system. Whether residents prefer public or private, healthcare courses in Toronto can be a solid investment.


When it comes to other options in the city, of course as a provincial capital there are plenty of government jobs, and a city of the scale of Toronto needs plenty of service centres for providing everything from identification to driver’s licencing. There are also plenty of public sector jobs in things like education. However lots of people work in the private sector. This could mean a job like retail sales, or as a delivery driver, but there are many, many clerical positions in companies.


To help fill these, there is a constant demand for training. People may take business courses in Toronto or accounting courses in Toronto. In both cases, graduates learn office friendly skills. Would be accountants learn about things like bookkeeping and taxation law, while general business skills cover everything from management to marketing.


It is not all business though! Toronto also has a thriving art scene, and with it, plenty of creatively talented people. Many of them work in advertising or design, or in local publishing houses. Toronto has plenty of high power creative ideas to share with the rest of the country and the world.  But it is also a large enough city to sustain a thriving independent arts scene, with everything from alternative theatre to pop-up galleries and indie festivals that take advantage of the skills of the vast population.


And of course on top of that, the city is positively swarming with students. After all, with all the people taking healthcare courses in Toronto or getting an accounting degree, it is only understandable.

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