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Toronto Film Festivals Display Work from Film Schools in Canada and Worldwide

19 DEC 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

All year long, Toronto offers film festivals showcasing fantastic offerings from established industry veterans and first timers alike. Feature length and shorts, not a single month goes by in Toronto without a festival, and for film students this can be a first introduction, letting new graduates and current students get their work noticed. With so many choices it’s no wonder how many students want to be close to the action and choose a film school in Toronto.


Film festivals range from culture or country focused offerings and festivals covering a particular topic from breast cancer to fringe art. Some festivals have exhibits in multiple mediums and medias, while still others take entrants from only one particular category or a limited range of categories. Some are organized by an art or film school in Toronto, or by an embassy as part of cultural outreach, while still others are standalone fan projects. They can be housed in theatres or cinemas, but are also found as free screenings in parks or closed off streets and other venues.


National or Cultural festivals often have an educational role as well as servicing the diaspora living in Canada. Large groups will have multiple festivals, breaking down their categories to cover a broader body of work, but many don’t restrict themselves to films made in or about the country of the festival. They can also be made by people with that cultural origin, and that naturally includes applicants from film schools in Canada.


Activist festivals, on the other hand, a chance for civic minded film makers to do some consciousness raising. Whether local or coming in from abroad, participants can find representation in causes big and small, with, like national festivals, bigger causes having lots of specialized sub category festivals.


Not to miss highlights in the mixed festival category include NXNE (North By North East), a mixed festival with screenings at two cinemas, while of film and audio school alike can find thematic works concurrently offered at Toronto’s many music festivals, both music videos, biopics and documentaries. Specially catering to the student learner are options like Toronto Youth Shorts, with brevity great for the learner’s budget, and the Toronto Student Film Festival, though despite the name it’s open to applicants from film schools in Canada and around the world.


Finally, even though some film festivals don’t display student films, for students attending film school in Toronto, this is also a chance to see what’s new and innovative in their course of study, and maybe even network. Directors, costume designers, actors and more come from all around the world to the bigger festivals, and this is one of the chances that students have to meet industry greats.



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