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Toronto And Canada Connect With International Tech

3 MAY 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

One of the best parts of Toronto computer work is how easily it fits into general international English speaking web, and how easily portable Canadian programming is. From major gaming companies to the latest, independently developed smart phone apps, graduates of web design courses in Toronto and IT courses in Toronto can be confident that they will be on the cutting edge without being side tracked onto obscure systems or programming languages.


Canada, as a wealthy well educated country with a large English speaking population, does not have to invest too heavily into remedial language training. For other countries, such as Holland, global competitiveness means an emphasis on English speaking, but for Canada, language investment is on French/English bilingualism and generally this leave plenty of time for early skill building.  Normal people are fully computer literate and have regular access to computers.


Canadians are, according to some polls, the leading adopters of smart phones and one of the most web-friendly countries on the planet. At least in terms of number of users online, Canadians have easily taken to computer use. Because of this access, it’s very easy to get students started in learning IT skills. Even at a high school level, or earlier, students get exposure to skills training, both in computer use, media studies and programming. It is rare to find new graduates of the public school system in Canada’s biggest city, who have not taken at least a few web design courses in Toronto or at least basic HTML.


There is also special funding put aside, not just to get Canadians interested in studying in STEM (science, technology, engineering and medicine) fields, but to consider computer science as a viable career path. For example many schools have a robotics club. There are also enrichment programs particularly targeting female students to encourage them to take advantage of the numerous IT courses in Toronto. Prospective students get access to lots of extracurricular and sometimes even extra funding to help them achieve their dreams.


This is marked by a general sea change in the way that Canadians approach education and the labour market in general. Computers have now worked their way into every work place, from retail establishments to the everyday office, but the transition has been relatively seamless.


This has been especially aided by a general emphasis on lifelong skills retraining. While Canada does not have say, the German system that puts retraining and skills upgrades and the forefront of their labour policy, it’s an expected part of working in Canada that they will participate in an evolution of their abilities through internal and external retraining. Older workers, in particular benefit from private and community colleges that offer things like web courses in Toronto, which were not available to them at the time they started their education.

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