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Toronto is an Amazing Business Centre

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Business

Toronto is truly Canada’s business capital. It has a rapidly expanding job market, thriving industry and even some of the best education in the province. As far as workers, in Toronto and you can find whatever you need, from world class university grads to the best staff a cutting edge Ontario business college can produce. With all the advantages, it’s no surprise that employment is growing faster than the Canadian average. Qualified residents flock from across the country and around the world to work and study.


Need more evidence? In the 2011 business and employment survey, the Greater Toronto Area was found to have over seventy five thousand business establishments. There’s a growing job market, with well over a million full and part time workers, and more jobs opening up every year. That has had its draw backs, as cost of living and rent is high, but it’s also created a relentless pursuit of excellence. Restaurants need to be top quality to survive. Businesses need to innovate. And the population is motivated to work hard to afford the things they need to live comfortably.


Toronto’s growth is one part fortuitous location and one part fortuitous circumstances. After a changing business landscape lost Montreal its previous seat as a business capital, that glory slipped to the largest city in the most populous province. Ontario remains home to a great deal of industry, and as the provincial capital, Toronto attracts government investment. Centrally located in Canada, it links far flung communities together.


It’s also home to the head offices of many large companies. This includes both nation-wide chains, but also the main national office. Every country with friendly relations with Canada has an outpost there, not just because a significant part of Toronto (much like the general population of Canada) is a recent immigrant but also because a significant part of Canada’s international business is conducted out of Toronto. Add the companies needed to support 8% of Canada’s population and smaller businesses and you’ve got an amazing recipe for financial success.


From a business and investment perspective, one of the first things people notice about the city is the fantastic customer service training in Toronto. Everyone from retail workers to client care support staff makes pleasing customers competitive. The city also excels in the office sector. That’s the city’s biggest employer, with a bit less than half the working population employed in some capacity. That means if you’re looking to break into the big city, a business administration diploma isn’t a bad investment. Since institutional settings make up the next biggest employment segment, it’s also a great place for a healthcare diploma or education degree.



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