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What Are The Top Tips For Sales Training?

12 APR 2013
Career Path : Business

You might not feel ready for sales management, but you have reached a point in your career where you’re going to need to help others with sales training. It is a great step in your career, and do not worry, if you follow some classic tips, success will be in easy reach.

Basic Skills

Persistence:  All the sales training in the world is not going to help if you don’€™t use your skills. Some of what makes a sales person great is simply their willingness to keep going with new prospects and not take it personally.

Give something to get something: Consultative selling has become an essential part of the sales strategy for many companies because they function based on giving the customer (or potential customer) a positive reason to interact with you. If customers feel like they are building a positive relationship with you they will feel more eager to buy your product and not the competitor

Communicating with your team

There is never a more important skill than your ability to communicate. You probably know this from your sales work; in fact pretty much every sales strategy includes a plan to maximize communication.

Praise in public, correct in private: This old saw is as true as when it was first coined. People adore recognition, but they abhor looking bad. This means that they will be more open to getting feedback when it comes packed with praise, but if they feel embarrassed or humiliated they will not want to listen to you.

Provide constant feedback: We remember to correct people when they mess up, and we are usually pretty good at praising an exceptional job. But you will get an overall better performance if your sales staff know you being involved in their success is part of the sales strategy

Make sure you are understood: Just because people are listening to you does not mean they understood you. For must be understood instructions, the trick here is both repetition and getting people to repeat back what you said in their own words. Or for example if part of your sales training involves using new software, make your team show you they know how to use the tool.

Trouble Shooting

Not everything in sales management is going to go perfect at all times. However even a calamity is a great time to show off your sales training skills.

Do not panic: If one of your team members experiences a precipitous and sudden decline, it probably is not part of a larger trend. Performance naturally does not decline from the average on an ongoing basis.

Involve people in their own correction: Rather than top down sales management, have struggling team members come up for a plan of how they will improve.

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