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Top Ten Study Tips for Mechanic Training

12 MAR 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Make the most of your mechanic program. Here some tried and true study tips for community college students.

10. Follow a healthy routine – Go to bed at the same time every night while you are pursuing mechanic training. A healthy lifestyle will help you get the most out of your auto technician training!

9. Make a study nook at home – Set up a comfortable place with good lighting in your home where you can focus on your mechanic training.

8. Make a file folder or binder for each class in your mechanic program – Store all assignments, notes and exams in the same place. This will help you avoid frantic last minute searching, and help you get more out of your mechanic training.

7. Form a study group – There are many different ways to avoid studying for exams at the last minute. One such way is to form a study group with other students in your mechanic program. A study group can meet regularly to review lessons learned in your mechanic training. It is a more humane, civilized way to study that staying up all night before an important exam.

6. Enter all assignments and exams on a central calendar – There is no need to ever be caught by surprise by an exam or an assignment. Most teachers in mechanic training will give you a course schedule in the first weeks of your auto technician training. Simply taking half an hour to enter these all-important dates on a calendar can save you a lot of grief.

5. Review your notes on a regular basis – Don’t just take notes, be sure to read them after each class. It will help you retain more of the information from your auto technician training.

4. Take careful notes – Taking notes as you listen to your teachers in your mechanic program can actually help you retain more of the information. Having good notes can also make revising at exam time much easier.

3. Ask questions – Your teachers are one of the best resources in your mechanic training. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Chances are that if you have a question, you are not alone. Your fellow students will appreciate your candour, and you will all learn more.

2. Keep up with your reading – Your teachers at auto technician training may assign several pages from your textbooks to read before each class. Reading them when they are first assigned will help you follow the in-class lessons better, and will prevent the pages from piling up to an unmanageable degree.

1. The number one best way to excel at your auto technician training is to attend every single class – No playing hooky! It will help you absorb your lessons more quickly and naturally, and will ensure that you remain on the good side of your teachers, who may be your best allies when seeking employment after finishing your mechanic training.