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Top Technology Trends That Are Changing Big Business

31 DEC 2014
Career Path : Administration

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Technology is forever changing and growing in new and unexpected ways.  For those pursuing college degrees, it is advantageous to be aware of the IT trends that will be powering businesses in the near future. Some of these trends are already underway. The degree to which you know and understand these developments will have a huge bearing on your professional future. The future is now.  Are you ready for it?

Here are some of the top technological trends expected to play key roles in changing how Big Business operates.

Mobile Devices

Since the dawn of the millennium, businesses have relied on mobile devices to aide in their work.  Older platforms, once the basis of mobile technology, are constantly being replaced by newer systems driven by more recent technological advances.  Tablet computers are expected to surpass PCs in the near future, ever-quickening the pace of business. Though every technological leap does involve a few hurdles.  To safeguard company security, apps will have to be scrutinized before being installed on work tablets. Furthermore, effort is required within the IT community to transfer smart technology from outmoded platforms to the more advanced models and systems.  Trained technicians who can continuously adapt and update the systems businesses rely on most are an invaluable part of any organization.

Social Media

Social media has moved well beyond the realm of curiosity and novelty. People continue to utilize social media for much more than personal communication.  Today, it is used to collaborate on projects and stay connected to the rest of the business world. The entire model for Big Business is rapidly adapting to conversing and negotiating in a social atmosphere. In the coming years, we’ll see an even greater shift to virtual contact as companies use social networks to build bridges to international markets.

Cloud Computing is Not Just Pie in the Sky

Now that many initial objections have been laid to rest, the possibilities and advantages of the cloud are being recognized by a growing number of large businesses. While there remains a measure of distrust about the cloud’s privacy in regard to a company’s most sensitive data, it offers many advantages for other, less confidential storage. In the coming years, look for more big businesses opting to downsize their conventional data storage facilities via cloud computing.

3D Printing

No list of trending technology would be complete without the mention of 3D printing and the world of possibilities that come with it. Enthusiasts see applications in a variety of areas from medicine to automotive design.  At a recent convention in Toronto, a private defense company unveiled plans to produce a working 3D printed handgun that could be easily downloaded. Some regard 3D printing as the trend of our decade – perhaps the most promising advancement of all time.

The Future

To those with an eye forward, an online business degree can be the first step toward pursuing a bright future, particularly as you advance and grow with these incredible, fast-paced technological developments. Advanced education will allow you to follow your dreams and reach even higher levels of success. Continue to expand your personal objectives and advanced education while pursuing an MBA online to keep pace with the ever-changing technological world.