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Top Skills of Architectural Drafters

15 APR 2014
Career Path : Architectural Education

Top Skills of Architectural DraftersArchitectural drafting is a rewarding career like none other. Your hard work, ingenuity and careful planning can result in the design and construction of everything from towering, monolithic skyscrapers to compact, eco-friendly, solar-panel equipped community centres. There’s an exceptional amount of pride and satisfaction in knowing that you’ve not only helped bring a monumental project to life, but that – chances are – you’ve helped people doing it. So how does one start on the journey to become an architectural drafter? First it’s beneficial if you know what the top skills that employers are looking for when it comes to hiring are. One of the most important has to be interpersonal skills, because if you’re not able to easily and effectively communicate about a design project, the amount of things that can go wrong are astronomical. Check out this blog post by Digital School for more top skills of architectural drafters.

Interpersonal Skills

While it may not seem obvious at first, interpersonal skills are a really integral part of being an excellent architectural drafter. Because you’ll be communicating and collaborating with a wealth of different people in your place of employment, having great listening skills and being able to communicate clearly and effectively is extremely important.

If you’re not good at realizing what people are describing to you, or what they’re communicating to you that they want, your drafts and designs are going to not only fall short of their expectations, but might actually be completely different from what they were expecting.”