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Top Notch Student Film Projects Made Easy

18 JUN 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment


Because you want your project to stand out in your professor’s mind, you need to choose a medium that communicates your message in an unforgettable way. Rather than a 20-page paper full of facts, why not work on a film project? Film appeals to the visual senses and makes it easier to make your points than words and charts on a page.

Even if you aren’t skilled with the camera and camera shots, chances are you know someone who has these skills. In essence, you become the director because you know what your vision is for your class project. Remember that you’ll need to be able to communicate all your ideas to the film student and to the narrator. Once you know what you want your project to communicate, it’s simply a matter of getting these ideas onto paper so your videographer and narrator can translate them into a film your professor – and classmates – will appreciate.


Make Your Script do Double-Duty

You’ve done a lot of work in your course and you want to earn a grade that reflects this. Write up  a script that touches on all the points you’re thinking of. If you want to include some visuals, such as charts, this is where you’ll be able to show your professor that you were listening in all those classes. Create those visuals so your videographer friend can include them in the film he makes for you. For instance, if you want to become an event planner, you have to be able to take your natural planning talent and combine that with what you’ve learned in your classes. Your professor needs to see that you understand everything she’s been teaching throughout the semester, so include your visuals strategically. Discuss your script with your videographer and make sure that his ideas will communicate what you’ve learned in your class.

Next, go through your script with your narrator and start working up your talking points – actually her talking points – so that what is showing onscreen matches what she will be saying during voiceovers. Your ability to become an event planner will depend on your ability to communicate your knowledge of your project’s topic.


A Project Idea

Remember, your class project has to grab everyone’s attention, make them sit up straight in their chairs, thinking, “she really knows what she’s talking about!”  Create a fictional script with you and your friends acting out the action. Put on a fictional event and cast yourself as the event planner. Next, contact the film school in Toronto and set up a time with your friend to film your project. As you are filming, stop periodically to watch what’s been filmed to make sure you’re communicating your message.

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