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The Top Three Myths About Pharmacies

13 FEB 2014

Pharmacy and pharmacists are the targets of a lot of misunderstanding and generalizations. From calling them “pill pushers,” to assuming that all they do is count pills, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about pharmacists and, indeed, pharmacy in general that just aren’t true. Pharmacists do much more than just count pills and fill bottles. Pharmacists provide flu shots, perform blood pressure checks, keep up to date and accurate information about patients’ history and much more. Unfortunately, most of these myths endure to this day, and there is a lot of misinformation out there about the pharmaceutical world. Luckily, Thompson Career College has published a great blog post that looks at the three most enduring myths about the pharmaceutical world and discusses whether or not they’re true. The results might just shock you.

“Everyone in the pharmacy, from the pharmacist themselves to the pharmacists’ assistant, does much more than just fill bottles with pills. Pharmacists are responsible for keeping track of patients’ prescriptions, making sure they aren’t prescribed conflicting medication, keeping an excellent record of a patient’s history, measuring dosages of medication, administering flu shots, taking blood pressure, and ensuring that a patient’s prescription is safe and accurate. Pharmacy technician training prepares people who work in a pharmacy setting to perform a wide range of tasks and possess a wide range of skills, far from just teaching them how to fill bottles.”