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Top Canadian Film Festivals

21 JAN 2014
Career Path : Filmmaking and Film Editing

Canada has a long and rich history in the film world, and the country is home to many celebrated directors and actors. As well as birthing many rising stars, it also plays host to some of the best internationally renowned film festivals in the world.

Film festivals are a great way to see new films, discover new acting talent, and enjoy films that show movies that are completely out of the box from what is shown in day to day movie theaters. These festivals also showcase new and often different works from well established directors, screenwriters, and actors.

Canada International Film Festival

Held the second to last weekend in March, this festival celebrates the independent film, focusing its efforts on celebrating and publicizing the independent film works of international and North American filmmakers. Every year, the festival is held in beautiful Vancouver and this year, the festival will be held at Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver.

Short films, documentaries, music videos, and student films are just a few of the types of films to be featured during the festival. The events open with a filmmaker reception where they can mingle and interact with their creative fellows. The Closing Awards Ceremony highlights some of the more brilliant works of the festival’s participants. The Grand Jury Award goes to the film that is deemed the best out of all the films in the festival.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The Kingston Film Festival is unique in that it features just Canadian film artists with the mission of promoting and celebrating the unique artistry that is found in Canadian films. Featured films are full length or locally produced short films and the festival ensures to showcase films in both official languages. Because the festival was founded by a Canadian film student, it has branched out into encouraging filmmaking in the community, starting the Local Filmmaking Initiative, high school outreach programs, and ensuring that there are always French films featured at the festival, which leads to encouragement for students in film schools in Canada.

Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is by far the world’s best and most popular public film festival. Every year, more than 300 films are screened from over 60 countries. The atmosphere is that of a Hollywood party and every kind of film is shown. Different programs are scheduled so guests can view the genre of film they most prefer.

Midnight Madness shows horror/shock/fantasy flicks at midnight showings; Tiff Kids screen family friendly films; and City to City shows international films. Awards are given to the festival’s best films in categories like documentaries, Canadian short films, and People’s Choice Awards.

Guests can purchase a TIFF membership, allowing for advance ticket purchases, making for a great investment for students enrolled in film school in Toronto.

Vancouver International Film Festival

The Vancouver International Film Festival is operated by the non-profit organization, The Greater Vancouver International Film Festival Society. The festival has quickly become one of the top five film festivals in North America with over 140,000 admissions and 386 films screened in 2012.
The VIFF Film and TV Forum is held every year during the festival and brings together a variety of sources to collaborate on how to improve the Canadian television market for sourcing outside of Canada.

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