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Top Ads From Toronto

15 NOV 2012
Career Path : Business

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, and it is also the financial heart of the country. It is no surprise that many of the world’s top advertising agencies have offices in Toronto. But Toronto is also the home and headquarters of some homegrown agencies that are attracting international attention. With many fantastic business colleges with courses in marketing and advertising, Bloor Street is an ever-increasing rival of Manhattan’s Madison Avenue, with King, Queen and Yonge also housing many great firms.


Some of the world’s best agencies that have offices in Toronto include: DDB, TBWA, Publicis, Ogilvy & Mather, CP+B, and the Grey Group, and many more. These are some of the biggest names in the ad game and have been around for decades with offices all over the world.


Some locally-based agencies include John St., Trapeze Media, Mijo Corporation, Agency 59, and Fat Free Communications, to name a few, and they are making headlines for themselves beyond their city borders.


If you are aiming for a career in marketing or advertising and want to get a job with one of Toronto’s many cutting-edge agencies, there are definitely certain advantages to undergoing a professional education in the big city. Getting used to the hustle is only a small part of it. All forms of business training in Toronto will especially cater to the types of companies and firms that operate in the city. It is also a great way to begin making many professional connections and build up one’s network of potential employers, clients and partners.


Regarding the specific business and creative mind fostered in the city, one can expect some top-notch ad campaigns that are both specific to Toronto, but could also have a universal appeal. Here are two examples:


DDB Toronto recently did a public service announcement encouraging people to not be afraid when it comes to reporting crime. The idea is to emphasize the personal privacy and anonymity of anyone doing the reporting. An unmasked armed robber walks into a convenience store, only to discover the clerk, other shoppers, and every other witness are wearing ski-masks. The robber gets scared and leaves. A big city like Toronto will have its share of crime but also responsible citizens, therefore the usefulness of such a PSA.


TBWA Toronto produced and amusing print ad campaign for Visa to promote their sponsorship of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It shows a happy family portrait, with mom, dad, daughter and young son all sporting playoff beards. This campaign knows to take advantage of Toronto’s (and the rest of Canada’s) love of hockey, while also touching on family values.


Here we have examples of both serious and comedic marketing campaigns. Marketing and business courses train the future ad man for the effective use of each style, as well as different mediums like TV and print. Just as important, they provide the right background and context for living and working in Toronto, Canada’s advertising and business centre.


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