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Top 5 Affordable Cars (That Will Make You Look Rich)

1 APR 2014

In the automotive world, while power and speed are notoriously revered across the board, nothing can impress the general public like a beautiful car can. Heads will turn, you may hear some cat calls, and people will just be generally impressed with a gorgeous looking car. The downside being, however, that more often than not, if a car is that drop-dead gorgeous, it also has an equally impressive price tag to match its glorious exterior. However, with prices in automobiles dropping every year, and car companies striving to make vehicle more affordable to the average consumer, this has lead to great car companies producing beautiful cars that would fool most people into thinking they cost double what they actually did. The Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute has published a great blog post that looks at five affordable cars that will make you look rich. Check it out!

Mitsubishi Lancer

The second you hit the road with this gorgeous car, people will be whipping their heads in your direction and may not be able to take their eyes off of you. Not only is the Lancer an exceptional steal of a deal at a measly $14,340 MRSP, but it has the beautiful shine and crazy class of a car almost double its size. People are going to assume you paid more than a few pretty pennies for this slick ride, and who are you to correct them? You’ll be able to head to your dispatcher training courses in style with this great find.”