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‘Tis the season: Volunteer Opportunities to Make Your Resume Stand Out

11 DEC 2013

Through examining aspects of volunteer opportunities, particular over the holiday season, this week’s blog post from AOLC takes a look at how students can use their quest to do greater good and to help others in need to actually benefit their career.

The beauty of volunteering at non-profit organizations is that in addition to sharing your time and your skills, you will also be learning more since volunteers at non-profits typically have to take on a variety of tasks throughout the day and multi-task their time. Highlight this on your CV by demonstrating even though you are a specialist in your field, you are also well rounded and flexible in taking on a variety of tasks, which many employers want to hear when they are potentially hiring additional employees.

According to the post, volunteer work can be a way to improve on the skills that students already have, as well as learn how to take on a variety of tasks in a non-profit environment where workers typically are challenged by taking on work outside of their areas of expertise and experience. As well, students can use this experience on their CVs and highlight the skills that they are learning by taking on these challenges in their volunteer work. Since employers are more interested in employees who will rise to daily challenges, for students that demonstrate their flexibility, this will set them apart from their peers.