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IT Tips and Trends

14 APR 2014
Career Path : Computers and Technology

IT-Tips-and-TrendsPhysical and digital worlds are converging. As a result, consumers expect the same services whether they are in the physical world or in the digital world. The convergence of the business and personal use of technology is also fuelling this trend. For the field of information technology, this means a number of important changes that affect how businesses operate and how consumers and businesses interact. The rise of cloud-based services, for example, removes a lot of past limitations that organizations used to face. IT organizations and departments must become more agile, modifying the software development cycle, architecture and solutions development to deliver mobile, cloud and big data solutions more readily. This also means changing portfolio management to focus on products rather than single-use projects. For more IT Tips and Trends, check out this great blog by the Academy of Learning Career College in Alberta. It will give you a comprehensive overview of what’s to come.


“Capturing important data about company operations is becoming easier thanks to cloud-based services and other solutions. Business Intelligence can be a very useful tool for improving service, improving products and increasing profit. Businesses now have access to plenty of data, from Facebook Insights to Google Analytics, and you don’t need business admin courses or accounting training to understand it. This data will allow enterprises to run smarter, more affordable and more successful marketing campaigns, using the information to determine what time of day is best to send out an email marketing campaign or what types of social media content spark the most engagement for their business.”