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Four Tips to Survive Summer School!

28 MAY 2014

Summer is here! It’s the golden time of year, the glorious season of rest and relaxation. There’s a lot going on and you’re having a hard time focusing. Should you go to the beach? Or should you hang out with your friends at the park? So many possibilities!

But what happens to all these plans if you have to attend summer school? Don’t worry. Though summer school might seem like it’ll get in the way of fun, if you stay calm and follow these four simple tips, you’ll be able to survive summer school and have a great summer.

Have a schedule

One of the hardest things about summer school is that you feel opposite everyone else. Your friends will be wasting afternoons in the grass or at the pool while you’ll be indoors studying. On top of that, summer school moves a lot quicker than a normal semester program, which makes you feel like you’re going faster while everyone else has slowed down. A simple tip to help you maximize your time is to keep a schedule. If you plan ahead and do your homework as soon as it’s assigned, you’ll avoid falling behind. Try developing a study routine. Instead of sleeping until noon, wake up a few hours earlier every day and use this time to get some studying done or finish homework.

Stay positive

With summer school, it’s easy to throw yourself a pity party. It’s so beautiful outside! I should be enjoying myself! Whatever the reasons that led you to enroll in summer courses, try to stay positive. If you find yourself envying your friends or being overwhelmingly negative, think about how you’re improving your academic standing by doing summer school. Remember: you’re doing this for yourself. Future you will be glad that you completed your summer courses.

Use the outdoors

Being stuck in a classroom or studying indoors with a textbook and educational articles isn’t always fun. You’re likely to become distracted, yearning for some sunlight and warm air. Instead of caging yourself indoors, try finding an outdoors study spot that’s calm, quiet and comfortable. If your study station is too public, you’ll never get anything done, so make sure it’s a place that allows you to focus. If you have a friend doing the same class as you, try inviting him or her for an outdoors study session. Another person’s presence should motivate you to concentrate and try harder. Lastly, another alternative would be to study indoors, but to take breaks outdoors, such as, for example, going for a refreshing walk and coming back. Reward yourself from time to time – don’t spend your entire summer indoors!

Go to class

Don’t give in to temptation to ditch class. It’s a slippery slope that is likely to cause you to fall behind. Since summer courses go by faster, there’s also more material covered every class. Missing even one class can set you back, as you might miss assignments or school news. If you feel the temptation to not go class, think about why you’re doing summer courses and choose to commit to your studies. List your school and your education as your top priority.