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Tips For Getting A Student Film Festival Ready

17 JUN 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Putting together a film festival used to be something reserved for fairly serious promoters with big ambitions and lots of contacts. These days it can be as simple as using crowd funding.

Maybe you want to become an event planner, to kick off your career with a splash. Maybe your artist’s collective has something they want to say. Maybe you just love the cinema and want to explore it. Either way, creating your own student film festival is easier than you might expect!

Remember: this is how you get noticed by indie film hotspots on the American coasts, in film schools in Canada, throughout Europe, and even into Asia. Make a big enough splash, and you could go anywhere.

Five Pro Tips For Crafting A Great Student Film Festival!

  1. Screen your films carefully. If you’re putting together a film festival that you think could compete with the best from around the world, you can’t play favorites. Only the best films get in. Try to have a mix of films so the festival doesn’t become dominated by a single genre or style, even if it means cutting some personal favourites.
  2. Have an overall theme. If you want to become an event planner, this one’s key in most design fields. What is your film festival’s raison d’être? The theme should go beyond giving you a guidepost in selecting your films – it needs to continue throughout the show. Think visual presentation, think social media campaigns, think Getting The Message Out.
  3. Invite more people and content than you need. Any student film festival has to adhere to the supreme law of theatre: The Show Must Go On. Have backup films in reserve in case you need a quick replacement. Over-book speakers, especially. You’ll get a pile of last minute cancellations, and if they actually do show up, you’ll have someone hanging around to fill time if a film drives off its audience.
  4. Your online media campaign cannot begin early enough or end late enough. The moment you have a solid idea for your messaging, start working the online channels. Make social media connections, and start looking for influential bloggers. Keep going until the final hour. Anyone at any time might give you more online visibility.
  5. Keep yourself visible. If you seriously want to become an event planner or indie promoter extraordinaire you need to make sure your signature is stamped on the film festival as well. Be one of the “faces” of it on camera, even if you hate being filmed yourself. That’s what film schools in Canada, Europe and across the artistic world look for when awarding funding. Public success will bring you many new opportunities.

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