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Tips to Getting a Head Start on 2014

16 DEC 2013

A look at this week’s AOLC blog takes a look at focusing on future goals for the academic term and getting a head start on 2014. According to the blog post, getting a head start on 2014 is simply a matter of setting realistic and attainable goals that can be achieved as an overall lifestyle choice rather than striving for unattainable short term goals that are difficult.

As finals wind down now’s the perfect time to focus on future goals for the upcoming academic term and get a head start on 2014. Maybe one of your goals is to get straight A’s or another potential goal is to get more exercise. However all of these goals can’t be achieved without proper planning and foresight into what is realistic to achieve and what isn’t. 

Though rather than creating a list of narrow resolutions that may be difficult to follow through with on a long term basis, in order to help you get a jump start on the upcoming school year, we’ve come up with a list of resolutions that are lifestyle changes any student could benefit from.

As well, the blog post recommends setting goals that are easier to integrate into your schedule so that they become habits that will remain in your life on a long-term basis. Making improvements doesn’t have to be painful if they are planned for in a way that makes them less of a challenge and more of a goal to be strived for.  Lastly, with greater attention paid to goal setting, any potential achievement is possible.