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Tips for Acing Your Interview

24 MAR 2014


Interviews are stressful for everyone – even if we may play it off like we’re not scared and willing to dive in, it’s a nerve-wracking thing to have to put yourself out there for someone to judge. Interviews, while scary, are just like everything else in that if you have the right tips and tricks and give it enough practice, it does get easier. While your first real job interview might be the most horrifying experience of your life, the next couple are going to seem less and less intimidating and before you know it you’ll be going in confident and ready to sell a potential employer on your skills and charm. However, before you get to that place, there are some tricks and ideas that will help you get over the hump of nervousness and help you sell a better you to a potential employer. Check out this blog post by the Academy of Learning Career College for a whole whack of great ways to ace your interview.

“If your potential employer asks you what your biggest weakness and you answer “being a perfectionist,” you might as well kiss the job goodbye. No one falls for that garbage anymore, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to lie through your teeth like that anyway. Be honest, tell them about one of your weaknesses and then follow it up on what you do to minimize the effects of it. For example, if you prefer to work alone and consider that a weakness, say how you’re aware of that and how you’re working on it by asking for opinions from co-workers and trying to collaborate.”