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Throwing a Giant Party in Toronto

31 JAN 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Toronto is really big, and despite a snarky reputation that the municipality, or rather the confederation of municipalities, cares more about business than having fun, it’s home to some of the best parties in the country. That’s including street parties, private galas and month long festivals.


The Dream

Maybe you’ve become and event planner and some very wealthy couple is paying you to make their wedding amazing. Maybe you’re doing this for the love of art or a cause and your dream party is a festival, for example one showcasing the music remixes from the best grads of an audio engineering college. Or maybe this is the launch of a new product or an opening at venue, or perhaps a charity function for a non-profit. The first planning stage is defining what exactly you would like to see in a realistic fashion. A black tie masked ball is not the same as an all-night street party.


The Laws

If you want to have your party you need to look into permits and liquor licencing. Public intoxication is a an illegal offence, so a bash with booze either needs to be in a licenced venue or you need the special permits and security to control that. You also want to look into the copyright surrounding the entertainment. You probably know it if you have become an event planner, but check it twice.



Let’s say you want to hold a film themed party. Should you hold it at the summer when it will be competing with Toronto’s many film festivals, or in a quieter month? Clever networking might mean that if your event is showcasing say, the work of a film school in Toronto, you can even piggyback on the International Student Film Fest. In Toronto, summer is the time for most outdoor events, but occasions like Nuit Blanche take advantage of the winter. Generally if you depend on tourists, pick the summer, but otherwise you can be flexible.



Your Toronto party will not be cheap. If you don’t have a wealthy backer or tickets to defray the cost, you will need to look for a sponsor. Alcohol manufacturers and products related to what your party goers like best are popular sources. If it’s a music party, you can also think outside the box and look for a local audio engineering college. If they don’t have cash, at least they can furnish you with low budget audio techs who will be happy to get a student gig for a resume boost. Either way, whatever you do it’s better to promise exactly what you’ll deliver rather than promise the earth and fall short. And happy partying!



Visit Trebas Institute for information on how to become an event planner.