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18 JUN 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment


A quality film does much more than simply entertain. It engages the mind, lifts the spirit, moves our hearts, and leaves a lasting memory that is cherished and revisited for years to come. What makes a good film good? It’s not just the actors, or even the story; so much of what goes into the magic of the silver screen is the stuff most people never think about – film production. Directing, lighting, cinematography…the process of moving from rough cut to polished film is a fascinating and varied one and it involves the concentrated and careful efforts of many people working together behind the scenes.
What Is Film Production?

From the beginning stages of development and preparation, to the long days of shooting, directing, and fine tuning, until the polishing work of cutting and editing prepares the final copy, film production is a great career for those who love to create, dream, and build. Film production programs are a great way to learn this dynamic and fascinating process and there is a lot to engage an inquiring and creative mind. Camera angle and distance, lighting, when to zoom in for a close-up; these are all decisions that a master film maker knows to use to the advantage of a great story. In many cases, they make or break the success of the film.

Film production programs also offers niches for all kinds of talents and interests with the many levels of creation and polishing that move the process along. Audio schools often offer film classes and vice versa, since clear dialogue and audible effects are a large part of the film industry as well. In this day and age, audio equipment and computers can make up for all kinds of shortcomings that occur in the day to day grind of filming like microphone blips, background noise, and more.
Love Movies? Love to Create? 

Almost everyone loves the movies, but not everyone is cut out to be front and center with all eyes on them. Film production programs offer a great way to be central to the exciting action of a movie career without the pressures of acting. It’s a wonderful way to use your creative abilities to be part of something amazing. Modern film making relies more than ever on the hard work, dedication, and imagination of its behind-the-scenes workers in the age of special effects and increasingly complex technique.

If music and movies are your passion, audio school is another way to get into the film industry and use your unique gifts and interests to be part of a film production crew. Movies need music and sound engineering as much as visual polishing and editing. There is room in film production for all kinds of talents and interests.

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